Heartwood is a company specialized in the manufacture, sale and installation of wooden floors (and wood coating). Managing our projects from A to Z has also led us to expand our offer by offering landing doors and communication doors.

Born in Barcelona in 2008, we now have four entities between Switzerland and Spain. (Barcelona, Geneva, Mallorca, Valencia).


Surrounded by the most experienced professionals to create a unique product, we present our different ranges in exceptional sizes, from large to very large formats.

From development to installation, our rigorous monitoring will accompany you throughout your projects, and will guarantee exceptional results.

This exclusive concept is possible thanks to a manufacturing process that we have developed in Germany. We can then offer a high-end product and made to measure.

We give you the opportunity to coat walls, ceilings, doors, stairs, as well as any type of furniture with our parquet floorboards.

We also have a wide choice of outdoor flooring (lounges, pools, city terraces), so all your desires can come true.

We work with the aim of offering you the best solutions in terms of design and quality according to the proportions of your future home, the way you live, your desires, your sensibilities.
We can establish for you the best suggestion, both on the sizing of the slats and on the style of laying.

Our team of specialists will guide you from planning to the realization of your project, and will help you make the best decisions to ensure the full satisfaction of the final result.


Wooden floors:

* To be different
We offer you a unique product designed and developed by our sawmill based in Germany. Each wooden slat is therefore rigorously followed, from upstream to downstream, and the fruit of a set of attentions brought to the details (provenance and quality of the wood, respect of the processes of drying as smoking, and finishes made by hand).

In this way, we offer you the opportunity to choose the grain of the wood (rustic, natural, almost without knots ...), the color of your floor (possibility of matching color), the surface finish (brushed, hand planed and natural dry.) and the size of your wooden slats. This is to create a quality interior with a timeless and inimitable style.

We also offer a complementary service of design, manufacture and installation of coating for the walls, the ceiling, the doors, the furniture as well as all that you could imagine. This with our noble woods and first quality.

*Know how to adapt to the budget
The custom is often accompanied by ready-to-wear, also we have a selection of other products, industrial but of excellent quality, that allow us to respond to projects or budgets are not the same.

*Customize to the extreme
Since 2018 we work in close collaboration with the artist Gilles Giacomotti who, thanks to a new technique and a gesture fully controlled, gives you the possibility to customize the floors as well as your wall coating, doors or dressings. The artist will create the work of art that suits you, or simply follow your desires.
So your floor, your walls, become a gigantic canvas on which you can walk on it, and that you discover under different angles step by step ...


Heartwood offers the design solution, sustainable and ecological to create an inimitable terrace.

Designed in Venice where the conditions of usury (water and attendance) are drastic, our custom composite blades are a real innovation in terrace boards.

EAn eco-responsible composite wood: deck boards are made of 100% recycled and recyclable raw sawdust, a floor that makes the concept of sustainable development meaningful.

It is available in many ways: standard composite deck boards, composite wall boards and ready-to-use deck board modules.

Its advantages are:

  • High physico-mechanical and thermal characteristics.
  • Good dimensional stability.
  • Great resistance against ageing.
  • Low maintenance level
  • Very low water absorption
  • High safety standards (anti-slip and splinter-free)

Armored landing doors :

Hearwtood presents the products of the company OIKOS (Armored door design).
World leader in designing modern armored doors for over 20 years, Oikos offers solutions that combine comfort, elegance and security. All of its products are certified: anti-burglary (Classes 3 and 4), sound insulation, thermal insulation, airtightness, water tightness and wind tightness.

Oikos's goal is to provide solutions to architects and interior designers through a wide variety of technical and aesthetic proposals.

MAIN characteristic of OIKOS products: Safety, design, comfort and reliability

Communication doors :

Heartwood presents the products of the company LUALDI (communication door design).
World leader in the creation of innovative interior doors, the company Lualdi isone of the most famous Italian company that there is no more need to introduce.

This great Italian brand plays the card of innovation, in terms of technology and materials as well as the manufacturing process.

Lualdi's goal is to provide architects and interior designers with a wide range of doors that will add a touch of style to your home.


Wooden floors :

We bet on sustainability of wood resources, therefore our OakWood comes exclusively from France and Germany, where laws can guarantee its preservation.

All our other varieties of wood come only from Central Europe exception made for exotic woods.

Decking :

Venice, Italy

Doors :

Oikos – Venice, Italy

Lualdi – Milan, Italy


You can contact us by phone (+41 22 736 20 70), email (, through our social networks or visit us in our Eaux-Vives showroom where we will give you a warm welcome. You will then have the opportunity to explain your project, your ideas, your desires to us, and we will advise and guide you to make it real.

You will present and explain your project, show us the blueprints, so we can present you with an estimate of the costs of our services.

We will then come on site to take measurements and note any useful information so that we can send you our final offer.

Once you will have validated our offer, we will send the corresponding order to our production unit in Germany: From then on, it will take from 10 to 16 weeks (depending on the project) for us to prepare and deliver the customized elements of your future wooden floor. In the meantime, we will be in touch with your architect or contractor (if necessary) so we could coordinate our work with the other craftsmen which work can still be in progress.

Finally, we are proceeding with the laying of your new floor, so your satisfaction can be completed.